Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Sharing a little knowledge

A few things I've learned over the last few days (and you thought I was just a dumb blonde that didn't listen or pay attention):

  • watching Kill Bil Vol. 1 after a guy you're dating wants to see other people really makes you feel better, because CHICKS KICK ASS (don't worry, it worked for someone else)

  • there is no need to be ashamed about being a stamp collector: the new Noguchi stamps

  • I have an "enthusiastic personality"

  • using sand to set stepping stones helps them not move around

  • it's possible to have a wheat free, dairy free birthday cake that actuallytastes good

  • my super high red Miu Miu's do something to the fellas

  • 2 diet Pepsi's, 2 Pamperin, and an Airborne is the ultimate hangover cure

  • if you use Easy Oven Off  to clean your oven using the cold method butforget about it for 4 days, your oven does not melt (actually learned this one on my own)

  • wearing my lucky hat really does seem to help (go Lake Show)

J is for: "jiggling"

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