Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Small, sexy, and a light weight

I'm taking advantage of AT&T's 30 day trial offer on new phones. I'm on my third one(Siemens this time) and I'm still not sure. It has an awful lot of flashing lights. The size and speakerphone are cool and I like the funky orange design. But the big screen of the Motorola (phone #2) was bright, clear and easier to read. The super light weight of the LG (phone #1) was great.

The thing is, getting a cell phone should be more like ordering a Dell computer: you get rid of what you don't need and pick what you do. Right?! Whose the technological genius who will figure this out? (And give me credit for the idea. Maybe some stock options too.)

A big win is such a ...

Pretty toes, pretty toes