Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Oh, the places I've been (um, lived)

I made a map of the places I've lived (little pink dots).

Of course, there should be lots and lots of dots in certain towns like San Francisco (Dolores St., Jackson St., Union St., Oak St., Hugo St., Lyon St., the Avenues, the dorms), Los Angeles (Wall St. downtown, Genesee St., Edendale Plc., Sunset, Wellworth St., Gramercy Plc.), and the Santa Cruz area (Ben Lomand, Aptos, Hawes Dr., Seabright Ave., and lots of other streets).

And there should be a map of Canada for Vancouver (mom and I moved up there when I was a baby to stay with a draft-dodging man).

There's a little pink dot on...

One of many reasons