Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Remember when KCRW was fun?

Is it just me or does Nic Harcourt seem depressed?

He is forever playing sad, Morissey un-plugged kind of tunes sung by lonely women with a soulful guitar solo somewhere in the middle.

I think I may actually miss Chris Douridas (even though he has Norah Jones on his playlist).

And now we only get to hear Garth once a week. What is happening to the "hand-picked" radio station I use to love?

Could it be that terrible Ruth Seymour's influence. Please, oh please get rid of her.

And there is no more Sandra Tsing Loh. She rocks--only now she does it on adifferent radio station.

(you coward, Ruth)

It's cruel to be kind

The remote, some fries, and a big bed