Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

California dreaming

On Thursday afternoon I sped down to L.A. for a quickie, one night visit. I had just enough time to take in the beautiful view from Corina's deck, enjoy a crisp and refreshing martini at Chateau Marmount, and indulge in a delicious dinner at A.O.C.

Friday morning we woke up early to a glorious spring day and Leigh and I hopped into the Beemer and raced up the coast to quirky little Pismo Beach for the World of Pinot Noir Festival. California preened and glistened all along the way, showing off for us with its green rolling hills, bright blue sky, and twinkling ocean.

Tunes blaring, windows down, my dear friend in the passenger seat, and that incredible view: it could not have been a better drive.

Eyeshadow Automobiles

A lovely ensemble