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Copy-cats who copy cakes

Getting the Sunday NYTimes special "Style & Entertaining" magazine is always a treat. This weekends issue is full of pretty people and things.

Included is a funny bit on photographer Sharon Core and her latest work: real-life reproductions of Wayne Theibaud's terrific paintings of deli cases, cakes, and confection. She meticulously baked and decorated dozens of cakes and cookies.Yum. Don't you wish you were at the wrap-party for that photo-shoot?

I put a link to her show at Bellwether on my site last week. In fact, I had a little giggle when I was posting it because of all the "copying" going on. I scanned a print ad that was a reproduction of her photograph in a magazine. Her original photograph was taken of real food. The food directly mimicked a painting by Theibaud. And then I put it in a whole new medium: the web via

Theibaud apparently had no such giggles about the copies and is peeved. Poohey on him. Accept the work as flattery and as the highest compliment. (And be greatful for a whole new interest in your own work)

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