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Getting any Sweet Action?

Now, don't get the wrong idea, but I recently looked up a porn site. (Don't worry I'm not turning into a female David Denby. Especially because I really don't know anythingabout the stock market.)

While waiting to fly home from Heathrow in London last month I spent my leftover pounds a big stack of magazines. The British Elle had a blurb about a new "porn" magazine that made me laugh and think of my single female friends.

Sweet Action Mag features softcore porn photographs of real NYC guys shot in adreamy bohemian style.

Upon arrival back to the states I mentioned it to a pal. With many giggles and nudges, we decided to look up As karma would have it, as soon as the site came up her neighbor walked into the house and caught us in the "looking at porn" act. Turns out the site is only an advertisement to buy the magazine anyway.

Today I read in one of the blogs I like, Gothamist, an interview with a woman from Sweet Action Mag. Check it out (for mature audiences). Turns out we have similar taste in movies.

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