Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Best way to get a pizza delivered really, really FAST

The day after the beautiful, amazing, incredible, delicious, emotional, exceptional wedding nuptials of David and Suzanne, I joined  Corina, Susan, Julie, and Cynthia for a luxurious afternoon of just hanging out in a hotel room with the drapes drawn and the tv on.

Of course there was pizza too. When placing the order Susan asked if the guy knew of "Christies" (the strip-club we had all been to the night before).

He gulped and slowly said "Yes."

"Great! We're dancers there. I mean, we're guest dancers, just in for a few nights."

More gulping for air and stuttering on his side of the line and lots of laughing a hooting on ours.

There were a few more tantalizing bits from Susan.

Then, "would you like those pizza's deep dish or hand-tossed?"

"Oooooo...hand-tossed, of course!"

I almost cried a river

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