Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Back home to the village of the Younts

We're back to the gray haired dog, attack cat, and blue-shag carpet of our beloved Yountville tract home.

Happily, it was "an uneventful plane ride" home. No fainting spells this time (see first entry from London).

Instead it was 10 hours filled with the last few chapters of "Middlesex", an edited version of "Lost In Translation" (appropriate since Sophia adapted Eugenides first novel "The Virgin Suicides"), a bizarre lunch of green pasta and quagulated sauce, and lots and lots of water.

Upon arrival to 1881 Larkspur, we were greeted by a tail wagging dog and mewing cat. Alyosha seems fat and happy after spending time with Avery. And Bixby-the-Beast slept ontop of me all night last night.

Today we're unpacking, doing laundry, paying the bills, and catching up on all those normal daily-life things. Nice to be home!

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