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(You can't blame it on) anybody

I was sure I was going to win the G5 iMac for contributing to KCRW's fund drive. Nope.

Did get 5 cd's in the mail yesterday as a 'Thank you for listening to us go on and on about how our Jaguar-Macintosh-Westin sponsored little community college radio station is so, so poor. Whine, whine, moan, moan.' I love KCRW, I do. I just get sick of their woo-is-me shtick.

Anyway, the Raul Campos "Nocturna" cd package has new ones from: Quantic, Felix da Housecat, Phoenix, Cottonbelly, and DJ Sasha (which I love and not just cuzI'm name-centric).

Not sure how Phoenix fits into this mix. I already have it anyway because I like the single "Everything Everything," but the album as a whole is pretty run-of-the-mill, soft, sentimental alterny rock. Sort of Rooney-esque even. Or is it just me?

(The other 4 are downloaded on the iPod and ready for tonight's antics.)

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