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More than just bangers and mash

The food has been really good. I expected boiled cabbage and chicken.

Last night we ate at Bindendum's, named after the Michelin Man. It is in an old garage and has terrific decor including large stain glass windows depicting the tire man smoking cigars.

I had grilled squid served over risotto with squid ink. Delicious! Not a good on-a-date dish, as it turned my teeth black.  A few swishes of a young and lively Chablis and it was okay (or so MC assured me).

Had half a haddock battered and fried in a pub with a pint of beer. Classic, crispy and light. It was served with the requisite chips and some boiled peas, which seemed a little odd to me.

Great wine lists in all the restaurants we've been too so far. Oddly, Au Bon Climat has been on every single list (3 so far). And every wine shop we've been to also has it. This seems to be the only real quality wine available to the Brits?!?! The American selections in general have been pretty lame and very pricey. The pound is kicking the dollars butt.

We're going to Nancy Silverton's reccomendation, Clarke's, on Wednesday. Probably go to a Frenchy joint tonight (old habits die hard). And dinner with our friend Kent at his choice on Tuesday.

As usual with us, it's all about the next meal.


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