Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

When the curious girl realizes she is under glass

I woke up at twelve-thirty this afternoon. Decadent and delicious. Right now it's about eight o'clock and I've been awake for just over seven hours which makes me believe it is going to be another late one.

I made a wager last night with a drunk Englishman that I could beat him at eight holes of golf. I really don't know why I did such a thing since I have only hit a few bucket of balls on the driving range and that was, like, two years ago. But there it is. Next week I'm playing a round of golf with an Englishman and there is money involved (and probably lots of beer).

I hoping my strong arm, competitive nature, and uh, charm will get me through.

Falling out of love at this volume

The mess we're in