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But I feel good

I am officially enrolled in Spring 2005 after a ten year hiatus. Four courses, two days a week starting January 31 (which isn't really spring, but whatever). I rummaged around and found my old student i.d., so I think I'll just use that when I go the bookstore to buy all the materials and supplies and paraphernalia. My hair is just a tad-bit blonder, but really I'm not looking that different, right?

The stack of magazines is an effin' mile high from the week I was away. The choicest one so far: ARTFORUM's "Best of 2004" issue. Go get it. And my favorite bit from it so far, David Rimanelli's #10:

"The New York Times 0bituary of Jacques Derrida-- 'Jacques Derrda, Abtruse Theorist, Dies at 74': So begins Jonathan Kandell's revoltingly stupid hatchet job on the late philosopher. It's genuinely shocking how debased the cultural standards at the Times have become. You don't have to be a "Derridean" to feel contemptuous of such merde. Speaking of which, who is Jonathan Kandell anyway? Too bad Piero Manzoni's not around: He could can Kandell."

Soundtrack to Mary

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