Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Little house of savages

Truly, the powers of retail therapy are unceasing. Barney's anyone?

So tonight I'm going to put on my new fabulous Blue Cult jeans (with the sassy snap front pockets and that hint of lycra for a snug fit), slip into the Co-Op silk sleeveless polka dot blouse with flirty neck scarf, pull-on my old stand-by BCBG black leather high heel boots, and then stuff my unruly hair into the new corduroy newsboy cap, all the while sipping the devine 2002 Domaine Serene 'Yamhill' Pinot Noir I also splurged on today.

Dressed, ready for the night and with glass of wine in hand, I'll casually stroll over to...the television. To watch the premiere of The O.C. (duh).

Something pretty

Can I kick it?