Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Sound of confusion

I had a dream that Anton of Brian Jones Town Massacre was telling me:

"To solve all my problems to get off of drugs ...I'd had enough of that. I'd had the college. I had the earning the money and the material trip. I just decided I was going to find a new way of life. And so I took off on my bicycle. Pedaling up Highway 101. And found myself one day in Eureka, California."

(Because my dreams are so, well, so predictable: yestereday I had been telling someone about the watching-a-trainwreck-fun, fun of DIG!, my Mom asked me if I had been riding my cool Raleigh Retro-Glide around town, and that night fell asleep listening to Mylo's "Sunworshipper".)

Was there a call for me

Don't let's start