Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Big weenie

How could you not roll your eyes when reading the Saturday NYTimes article about Bret Ratner and it was, get this, complimentry. Yeah, weird, right?  Luckily lowculture straightens it all out. What an ass that guy is.

Anyway, I'm on the road and in S.F. for a few days then heading back to L.A. with a gigantic red suitcase that is filled with 8 pair of shoes, of which I'll probably wear two and that counts the pair I'll be sporting at the hotel gyms. But that's the thing about roadtrips, no baggage restrictions.

(And, you know, I'll talk to ya when I get there. Or on the way. Or when I get back.)

It might as well be spring

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