Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Girls on film

Wow, that went a lot smoother. No hitting 'refresh' for five hours like last year when trying to buy a Sundance package.

Of course, my 'randomly selected' date and half hour window for buying a package came two days later then a gazillion other poeple. (And do you really think that Harvey Weinstein and the like get 'randomly selected' dates and times? Sure.) Everything was sold out but the not-so-nice 'Adrenaline Pass' and 'Package B,' so I bought the latter.

Once you're there it's all about bartering to get what you want anyway. So I'll see you in line in Park City in January. I'll be the one in the big fluffy white hat.

The end has no end

Crosseyed and painless