Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Oh, l'amour

The Leafblower has been excerpting some choice passages from 'Glamorama' by Brett Easton Ellis, reminding me what a cool read the book is. The lists and lists and lists of glam people and bars and designer jeans and pop-pop-pop-culture, baby. So excellent.

Inspired by the news of the upcoming flick based on the novel and directed by Roger Avary, I watched 'Rules of Attraction', an earlier Avary/Ellis project.

It stars James Van Der Beek...and my oh my, Dawson's all grown-up and plays a very good very bad boy. Hmmm.

There are lots of memorable moments and music in 'Rules...', but my favorite may be the hyper-kinetic Victor in Europe sequence. Excellent montage work. Yes, Avary is certainly a pupil of Tarrantino.

Talk talk

Don't miss you at all