Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

My boo

I mis-behaved at the airport. That giant Miller Lite I had on an empty stomach in the cheesy lounge because my flight was late may have contributed. Funny how fast I can walk through a huge crowd when I realize at 6:35 that my 6:40 flight is not departing at the gate I'm standing at but is departing on the other end of the terminal.

So in my rush I bumped somebody. A little too hard maybe. Well, really hard, I guess. And in my haste and tipsiness and internal laughter and giddiness about the trip, I thought, 'whatever, she cut right in front of me', and I didn't look back. But the crazy bitch shouted at me. I still didn't look back and so she flat out screamed at me. There was a little mini drama. Your not suppose to scream in an airport.

Relax lady, have a giant Miller Lite. I made the flight and then had another.

You say it's your birthday

When I come around