Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

What you waiting for

I'm packing for a trip to the place of my birth (it's so close to my birthday afterall) and Vegas. It's the usual dilemma of which ones/how many of compeletly unpractical and much, much too high heels to bring for those feet soaking in the tub above. Hmm...yes, that was a very nice bath.

So, are you kidding me-- it's six zip in the second? Snap out of it ya Yanks.

Speaking of such things, this year I was able to get much better seats (it's sad, sad, sad) for the Laker pre-season game on Sunday v. the Suns. Yes, Sunday will be a good day to be in Vegas. Looking forward to the Pats and Jets game and I am very curious about Jerry Rice being in the Seattle line-up v. Arizona.

Shoes, sports. Sports, shoes. Oh, and a satisfying soak.

What does your soul look like (part 2)

We will become silhouettes