Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Take me out

I thought a bit more about that dream last night and realized that the scary handsome man had been dressed in Tom Ford's standard ensemble. Love that.

So, it's baseball, baseball, baseball.

Really I never use to watch. Then a few years ago I kept seeing pictures of hunky guys like Derek Jeter and A-Rod in those men's magazines I like so much (you know, because I read the very informative workout articles and follow the pictures of step by step moves, uh huh).

I started to pay a little bit more attention when the highlights showed up on SportsCenter. And then I started to talk about it a little bit more. And then I started to understand the rules, yes, a little bit more. And now---fever. Baseball fever. I was on pins and needles watching last night's five hour game and I don't even care what team wins. And here I am again, watching.

Somehow I have baseball fever.

We will become silhouettes

Breathe in breathe out