Issue Nine: The Cleave

Issue Nine: The Cleave

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Issue Nine: The Cleave
40 pages
11 x 17 inches
full color

Featuring work by 42 artists and writers, the ninth issue of the broadsheet explores a contronym: a word which is its own opposite. Some contributors focus on that which comes together, others explore separation of what was once whole, and some puzzle through a conflation of the two discrete definitions.

Contributors: Alec Egan, Amanda Antunes, Andrew Philip Cortes, B. Neimeth, Brandon Barr, Carolie Parker, Cody Bayne, David Sutherland, Denae Howard, Elena Karina Byrne, Elspeth Schulze, Forrest Kirk, Hayley Quentin, Heidi Lanino, Inkwelder, Jaklin Romine, Jeffrey Bertollini, Joshua Hart, Joy Amina Garnett, Kim Kei, Laura H. Parker, Lauren Fejarang, Lauren Quin, Lisa Wahlander, Liv Aanrud, Liz Markus, Mark Acetelli, Mary Little, Molly Segal, Mona Houghton, Nadege Monchera Baer, Nathan Gulick, Nevena Binney, Nick McPhail, Nova Jiang, Peter Hess, Peter Moriarty, Phung Huynh, Rachel Jones, Rachid Bouhamidi, Rod Val Moore, Stella Baraklianou.

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