Sacha Baumann is an artist and designer living and working in Los Angeles.

Bixby is no bruiser

It says "Bixby the Beast" on her tag, but she is a good black cat. Even if she does seem to attack people (other then me) for no reason whatsoever.

Poor thing got her ass kicked in a cat fight two nights ago. There were terrible screeching and howling sounds in the front. I was sure someone was dying. And then she came tearing into the house, all wet on her left side.

She disappeared for day but is back now and keeping a low profile. There are no obvious wounds. She moves very slow, but is eating and drinking water.

Poor Bix. Even Alyosha seems to feel bad for her. The dog has given the cat lots of space and seems to be a little mopey herself.

If that other cat comes back in my yard it will have me and an old pit bull to contend with.  (And them are fighting words.)

I'm feeling lucky...

I'm really effin' sorry