Issue Two: The City
released July 2017

FULL BLEDE’s second issue finds our talented group of collaborators ruminating the urban condition: how we move, work, live, interact within, survive, enjoy, and view metropoles. For some the environs are decay, trash, sadness, chaos, for others it is a solitary, quiet place amidst the noise. For many it is community, beauty, and indulgence. Whether dark, bright, isolating, inviting—each contributor has a unique expression of The City. The broadsheet is delighted to share their words, design, painting, and illustration. 

Issue Two featured 21 contributors and launched at Dalton Warehouse for the opening reception of the group exhibition Illuminating Threads; 100 copies were printed.

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But a city is more than a place in space. It is a drama in time.
— Patrick Geddes


Nadege Monchera Baer
Jenna Boa
Sacha Baumann
Astor Bonder
Tristan Brighty
Dalton Warehouse
suzanne eldredge
Marc Fellner-Erez
Verity Freebern
Owen Guthrie-Jones
Lorraine Heitzman
Sheila McMullin
Hayley Quentin
Daniel Schubert
Julia Schwartz
Molly Segal
Bonita Tanaka
Drew Van Diest
Lindsey Warren
Aaron Zaima