Issue One: The Overshare
released June 3, 2017
 Contributors elaborate on the impulse to disclose too much personal information.
How much detail about one’s personal life is too much? Where do we draw the line at being inappropriate when disclosing experiential information? Does our voyeurism feed the narcissism of those who just can’t stop disseminating trivial minutiae? Are we overly judgmental about those who reveal? How about those who can’t look away? Chock full of #tmi, FULL BLEDE is delighted to debut The Overshare. Our contributors criticize, observe, and in some cases, confess perhaps too much. With an eclectic mix of illustration, graphic design, poetry, mixed media collage, writing, photography, and painting, The Overshare explores sex, love, isolation, outrage, selfie culture, justice, anxiety, age, overly complicated scenarios, and secret behaviour.

Issue One featured 17 contributors and was launched at the opening reception for 2nd & Hope: Side Hustle, 100 issues were printed.

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Mary Ackerson
Nadege Monchera Baer
Adrian Barrientes
Sacha Baumann
Tristan Brighty
Anja Concion
Sarah Davis
Marc Fellner-Erez and Owen Gutherie Jones
Wes Hardesty
Jason King
Nicholas Phillips
Aide Quirarte
Steven Rivera
Quinn Salazar
Molly Segal
Jenn Tang