Issue Four: The Pattern
released March 2018

FULL BLEDE's fourth issue explores explores the appearance of sameness. Collaborators share systems of recurrences, whether found in nature, in society at large, or self-manufactured. The broadsheet reveals repetition in our environment but also in behaviours, relationships, and personal routines. Artists and writers elaborate on the air of coherence, which is often the complete opposite: chaotic, messy, and wholly unique, despite its seeming monotony.

The issue features over 40 contributors and launched at Charlie James Gallery in conjunction with the closing receptions for William Powhida: After 'After the Contemporary' and IT'S OK↘, curated by Sacha Baumann ; 200 copies were printed.

download Issue Four: The Pattern here

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Aaron Zaima, Adam Void, Adrian Paules, Anna Breininger, Bonnie Tanaka,Camilla Taylor, Carolie Parker, Chelsea Dean, Ching Ching Cheng, Codie Barry, Colin Roberts, Daisy Patton, Diana Kohne, Geoffrey Todd Smith, Gou Shibata, Harvey Opgenorth, Hayley Barker, JP Kunst, Julia Schwartz, Karen Hochman Brown, Kathleen King, Kerrie Smith, Kofi Effah, Kottie Paloma, Inkwelder, Lindsey Warren, Luke Barton Macdonald Whitlatch, Megan Mueller, Molly Segal, Nadege Monchera Baer, Naomi Westlake, Robert Soffian, Roberta Gentry, Sara Clair, Scott Greenwalt, Sarah Gonsalves, Scott Hazard, Silvia Rigon, Sydney Croskery, Tristan Brighty, and Valerie Daval.