Issue Five: The Artifact
June 2018

Each issue of FULL BLEDE invites contributors to expound on a theme. In Issue Five: The Artifact, the broadsheet’s collaborators explore that which remains. For some artifact is a quiet reminder that lingers at present, whether it is outdated or revered. A subtle and sometimes loud ghost of what once was. Artifact also suggestions habits, repeated gestures and behavior. The issue offers a collection of writing, illustration, painting, sculpture, collage, poetry and prose.

The issue launched at Chimento Contemporary in conjunction with the opening reception of "Body Count" by Forrest Kirk on June 22. The Artifact features over 40 contributors and there were 200 copies were printed. We held back a stack if you missed the party—click below to order: *

* FULL BLEDE is free, but there is a small fee for internet orders to cover shipping and handling. Donations are also graciously accepted and go directly to help offset the cost of printing the broadsheet.