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Sacha Baumann is an arts business professional living and working in Los Angeles.

Professionally, Sacha excels in executive administration and operations management for creative industries. She is an expert at leveraging social and professional networking to maximize visibility and teaching others to do the same. 

Well versed in contemporary art, design, food, and wine, Sacha is also an enthusiastic walking urban explorer and downtown Los Angeles booster.

As an artist, Sacha extracts found images, primarily from magazines and books, and places them in a new context, manipulating tone and intention, creating a new reality. She does so using self imposed restrictions, which is in part a nod to her training and work as a designer in which she concentrates on problem solving for the specific needs of clients. Restrictions become opportunities for new creations.

Sacha is a Masters of Arts, Art Business candidate at Claremont Graduate University, Sotheby's Institute of Art / Drucker School of Management (expected graduation 2018). She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication from San Francisco State University (2008). Sacha was born in Hollywood, California and her childhood years were spent in both Northern and Southern California, Alaska, and Utah.

artist's statement:

When I turn the pages of a magazine or book and come across images or compositions which strike me as especially arresting, my impulse is to extract the elements and place them in a new context. I want to manipulate the tone and intention, creating a new reality. This is how each artwork begins.

Once the first piece is found, I give myself restrictions as to how to appropriate it into something new. This is in part a nod to my Industrial Design training and work, in which I concentrate on problem solving for the specific needs of clients. Restrictions become opportunities for new creations. 

The results of my process are collaged pieces which focus on women's sexuality, typography, and texture. The original pieces which make up my appropriations do not entirely disappear in the new compositions, but when successful their meanings and emotional tone shift into a complete new image, sometimes whimsical, sometimes serious.

about, informal version:

I save magazines and scraps from magazines. I have a collection of Jello molds. I'm a very good, scrappy cook. I co-author and designed a wine blog. I was born in Hollywood, at the Community Hospital. I fall in love with buildings, public spaces, and urban detritus. I like long walks in the city with my dog. I lived on an island with one paved road when I was 10. I read books, write letters, go to art exhibitions, work out. I listen, learn, participate. I create beautiful graphics. I make art, I sell it, and I sometimes I give it away. I'm available.


I co-designed and co-wrote a wine blog with my partner Jason King: Swirl Smell Slurp. We had a great time with it, won an award, got a ton of free wine, and found ourselves as the cover story of a fancy magazine...and then quit. Click around the archives if you're into wine and boozy he said / she said banter.


Born 1970,  in Hollywood, California.
Lives and works in Los Angeles.

2017: Masters of Arts, Art Business candidate at Claremont Graduate University, Sotheby's Institute of Art / Drucker School of Management (expected graduation 2018)
2008: Bachelor of Arts, School of Design: Visual Communication, San Francisco State University
1999: Certificate of Vintage, Wine Education and Management, University of California at Los Angeles


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selected exhibitions

TIES: A GROUP SHOW, Organized by made in chynna and little durian, Keystone Art Space, Los Angeles, CA (May, 2017).

Tell Me a Story: Women in the Arts, La Quinta Museum, La Quinta, CA (January 2017).

VSA’s: a Group Exhibition, Organized by Sacha Baumann and Sarah Gonzalves, Keystone Art Space, Los Angeles, CA (January 2016).

&GO!,  Organized by Jesse Vogel, Keystone Art Space, Los Angeles, CA (November 2014).

Winter Group Show, Organized by Sacha Baumann and Melanie Mandl, Keystone Art Space, Los Angeles, CA (November 2014).

Generate, Curated by Melanie Mandl, Keystone Art Space, Los Angeles, CA (June 2014).

Blind Spot Initiative, Organized by Somewhere Something (Sacha Baumann, Biayna Bogosian, Jason King) + Plethora Project (Jose Sanchez), Keystone Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (January 2014).

Somewhere Something Open Studios, Somewhere Something, Los Angeles, CA (May 2013).

Featured Artists of Keystone Art Space, Curated by Melanie Mandl, Keystone Art Space, Los Angeles, CA (February 2013).

Mini Collage Canvases by Sacha Baumann, Kayo Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT (July 2012).

Torn, by Sacha Baumann, Canelé, Los Angeles, CA (Summer 2012).

All in for the 99%, Curated by Marsea Goldberg (New Image Art), Ace Museum, Los Angeles, CA (March 2012).

No Soul For Sale: A Festival of Independents / Mail Nothing to the Tate Modern, Curated by David Horvitz for Rhizome, Tate Modern, London, UK (May 2010).



Recent events I've participated in and press / mentions I've received.

Group Show:
"TIES: A GROUP SHOW" at Keystone Art Space
May 13-20, 2017
Curated by made in chynna x little durian, the exhibition focused on connections.

Press / mention:
"Portrait of Visitor Services Associate, Sacha, at The Broad"
January 2017
The Broad museum featured my portrait and work on their Facebook and Instagram account. Links here, here, and here.

Group Show:
"Tell Me a Story: Women in the Arts" at La Quinta Museum
January - April, 2017

Group Show:
"VSA's: a Group Exhibition" at Keystone Art Space
January 2016
I co-coordinated, designed, and participated as an artist in this exhibition which featured the Visitor Services Associates of The Broad. Visit website here.

Press / mention:
Forbes Magazine: "Price Ranges And Studio Images Of 21 Contemporary Artists" on
April 6, 2015
Features an image of my studio.

Group Show:
&GO! at Keystone Art Space
Winter, 2014
Show focusing on printed works featuring Jesse Vogel, Micke Tong, Ching Ching Cheng, John Dembski, Chelsea Dean, and Nova. My piece sold. 

Press / mention:
"Open House at Keystone" on The Los Angeles Beat
November 16, 2014
Features an image of my studio. See the post here.

Group Show:
Group Show at Keystone Art Space
November 2014
Featuring Dean Styers, Michelle Robinson, Elena Dorfman, Tim Hussey, Melanie Mandl, Ana Medina, Molly Segal, and others. My piece sold.

Group Show:
Generate at Keystone Art Space
June 2014
Group show curated by Melanie Mandl featuring artists of Keystone, including myself, Dean Styers, Luc Bernard, Luke Whitlatch, Tim Hussey, Sydney Mills, and others. My piece sold.

Press / mention:
"Sacha Baumann: Cut and Dry" on YAY!LA
June 18, 2013
Extensive article featuring my work and process. Read it here.

"Keystone Art Space Open Studios"
May 4, 2013
Over 40 pieces of my work were on display in the Somewhere Something studio for this popular, semi regular even of the warehouse. 

Press / mention:
"Artist Interview with Sacha Baumann" on The Collage Workbook
February 8, 2013
In depth interview with images for the website of Randel Plowman's popular book, The Collage Workbook

Group Show:
Featured Artists of Keystone Art Space at Keystone Art Space
February - April 2013
Group show curated by Melanie Mandl featuring artists of Keystone, including Dean Styers, Jesse Vogel, Luc Bernard, Wayne Bannister, Time Hussey. My work sold.

Press / mention:
"Sacha Baumann's Collages Are Free of Convention" on Mutantspace
February 1, 2013
Blog post feature on current and past work. Read it here.

Press / mention:
"Works by Sacha Baumann" on Juxtapoz
January 30, 2013
Front page website feature on current work. 

Press / mention:
"Stars in Stripes"
January 22, 2013
Featured as a Talk Back Tuesday Artist on Hyperallergic. See it here.

Press / mention:
January 8, 2013
Featured at Talk Back Tuesday Artist on Hyperallergic.  See it here

Group Show:
Kayo Gallery, Salt Lake City
July 2012
"Mini Collage Canvases" featured at Kayo Gallery. 

Press / mention:
Juxtapoz Tumblr
June 28, 2012
collage featured. See it here

Solo Exhibition: 
"Torn" at Canelé 3219 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles
June 14 - July 29, 2012
Featuring 17 of my pieces on display at this popular Los Angeles eatery.

Group Show:
All in for the 99% at Ace Museum, 400 S. La Brea, Los Angeles
March 31, 2012
Curated by Marsea Goldberg, New Image Art
Art exhibit in conjunction with this celebration of art, music, and activism. Presented by Van Jones/Rebuild the Dream, MoveOnCivilAction, Russell Simmons/Occupy the Dream, SEIU, and Courage Campaign.
Fellow artists included RETNA, Amanda Demme, Anthony Lister, Estevan Oriol, Gia Coppola, Ione Skye, James Gallagher, Kofie, Mai Anh, Neckface, Paul Miller AKA DJ Spooky, Robbie Conal, Sage Vaughn, Shepard Fairey, and Skullphone. Music included Moby and Tenancious D.
My piece sold.
Press highlights: Storify slideshowHuffington Post featureLos Angeles Magazine article

Press / mention:
All That Inspires "Guest post by @Borbay"
October 31, 2011
Post by New York based artist Jason Borbet, aka Borbay, about artists whose work he collects and inspires him. Read it here

Press / mention:
"Hollywood Based Artist Sacha Baumann" on Lights Out Collective
August 31, 2011
Interview and slideshow. Blurb here.

Group Show:
"No Soul For Sale: A Festival of Independents" at Tate Modern, London
May 2010
A celebration of the Tate's 10th anniversary, my piece was part of the Rhizome's installation "Mail Nothing to the Tate Modern," curated by David Horvitz. Read more about it here.