A broadsheet featuring contemporary writing and art,
FULL BLEDE is independently published by Sacha Baumann.

Donations are graciously accepted and go directly to help offset the cost of printing.


Issue Six: The Parapraxis
launched October 27, 2018
Our sixth issue explores slips, mistakes, and subconscious signifiers. The issue launched at The LODGE in conjunction with the opening reception for Eulogies by Chad Attie.

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Issue Five: The Artifact
June 2018
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Issue Four: The Pattern
March 2018
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Issue Three: The In-between
October 2017
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Issue Two: The City
July 2017
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Issue One: The Overshare
Summer 2017
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The masthead is a nod to the newspaper terms “full bleed” (edge-to-edge printing) and “lede” (the introductory section of a news story that entices the reader to keep reading). Combined, FULL BLEDE expresses the newspaper’s intent to publish content that is intriguing, unadulterated, and beyond the edge of standardized borders of convention.

Each issue features collaborators expounding upon a theme and launches in conjunction with an opening or closing reception at a selected Los Angeles gallery. 

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If you are interested in sponsorship or other ways of helping to support the broadsheet, please contact us at fullblede@gmail.com.
Donations are graciously accepted and go directly to help offset the cost of printing. Thank you!



Submissions for FULL BLEDE Issue Seven: The Continuant are now being accepted on a rolling basis, with early submissions highly encouraged. The Deadline is December 16. Click below for Submission FAQ and Form. Thank you for your interest!

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