Thank you for your interest in FULL BLEDE.

Submissions for Issue Five: The Artifact are now closed.

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Submissions FAQ:

Is there a submission fee?

Will you pay me?
Not at this time.

How much does a copy of the newspaper cost?
It's free!

Who's paying for this thing?
The newspaper is independently published by Sacha Baumann. If you would like to help offset printing costs, donations are graciously accepted. Sponsorship is also available, email

What kind of work is accepted?
Essays, poetry, lists, fiction, graphic design, collage, photography, illustration, sculpture, mixed media, painting—whatever medium suits you that addresses the issue's theme.

What kind of work is not accepted?
We do not publish: reviews of art exhibitions, work that does not address the issue's theme, written works that have been published within the last year, visual works that have been frequently exhibited publically, works that depict government officials, or hate speech (obvs).

I'm submitting writing, what is the maximum word count?
Approximately 2,000 words is the maximum, which is about a full page of text. You may be asked to edit your work for content and length due to various factors (layout, relation to theme, etc).

Do you need an artist's statement?
Yes. It does not need to be a traditional statement, but should relate to the issue's them and be brief (150 words maximum). Elaborate, raise questions, editorialize–whatever you'd like to say, keeping the theme in mind. On the submission form indicate whether the statement may be published on the Contributor's Page.

Do I retain the rights to my work?
Yes! Explicitly, here is the published Copyright Information: All copyrights for images and text represented on this website and in print are owned by each individual contributor. Sharing is permitted with attribution. Permission to reproduce works, whether in print media or any electronic media, or any technologies not in current use, must be obtained by the artists through FULL BLEDE. Any unauthorized use by any person or entity will render them responsible and liable to the artists for appropriate compensation and other costs, regardless whether the person has profited or is responsible for such unauthorized use. 

I submitted. Am I automatically in the issue?
No. Unfortunately not all work will be included in each issue due to size constraints and other considerations.

What kind of files do you want?
For images: submit .jpg, .png, or .ai (all text outlined) as CMYK files (no RGB). For text: submit a .pdf. Sending low resolution images is fine, but if your work is selected you will likely be asked to resize to high resolution at around 3,000 pixels wide. If you're not sure how to do this, don't worry, we're happy to help! Keep the layout of the newspaper in mind when formatting images, see suggested size chart below. 

How big is this newspaper?
FULL BLEDE is a 11" x 17" broadsheet, with a 22" x 17" spread, .5" margins, and .25 gutters. See image below with optimum sizing for visual work. The last issue of the newspaper was 36 pages and 200 copies were printed.

What's with the name?
FULL BLEDE is a nod to the printing terms "full bleed" and "lede." It also implies content which is unabridged and to the edge.

How else can I help?
FULL BLEDE is independently published. If you would like to contribute to the cost of printing, donations are graciously accepted.


Submitting images? Keep the dimensions below in mind as a guideline. FULL BLEDE is based on a 3 column by 6 row grid, 11" x 17" with .5" margins and .25" gutters. Sizes that work really well in this grid structure are indicated below. In terms of pixels, if filling width of page, aim for 2940-3000 pixels wide. Questions? Email us!

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